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From Now Til Wedding Day

Today: Booking

It all starts with a kickoff, where we’ll cover the in’s and out’s of the next few months. It’s the details that make the difference, and it’s the first step in our #1 goal- peace of mind so you can have an ah-mazing wedding day. We’ll cover:

  • Base Logistics: Your venue, what times you’re thinking, and any important notes from my end to flag (hello, DC photo permits)
  • Pricing and Paperwork: The general #’s are at the bottom of this page, but there’s light paperwork that outlines more of the specifics.
  • Deposit: I follow an easy 3-3-3 process: 1/3rd for a deposit that kicks in at signing, 1/3rd at pre-wedding planning, and 1/3rd on the day of the wedding!

About a month or two before the big day, we’ll setup a time to cover what the day will look like, mainly for photography, but I’m 100% a resource for any other questions you have. This includes:

  • Locations we’ll be shooting in
  • VIP Guests (outside the wedding party) that should be included
  • Timeline
  • Venue Guidelines
  • Day-of Point of Contact
  • Most importantly: Get excited!
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A Month or 2 Before: The Final Countdown

Day Of: Make Some Magic

Simply put, the wedding day is the fun part. We’ll have a kickass time together, and I’ll work with your wedding planner or POC as the day goes on. I’ll text you in the morning as a final confirmation, and we’ll take the day on by storm!

This is where all the work pays off, with 2 special emails you’ll get from me:

  • Usually within 48 hours: A handful of first-look photos from the day
  • Usually within 3 weeks: A full album of the day, ready for sharing, printing, and hogging up phone space.

After: Relax

Pricing For Most People

No event is the same and there are nuances here and there, but for most couples looking for the industry-standard options, I typically start with, and suggest, the All-You-Need Package below

Typical Wedding Pricing:

Then comes my favorite line in this movie: “A million dollars isn’t exactly a lot of money these days..

But really, $2,300 for 8 Hours of Coverage

1/3rd at Signing, 1/3rd at our pre-wedding sync up, 1/3rd at the day of the event

Think of it as the everything most people need package:

  • Up to 8 hours of coverage- generally from getting ready to right before closing time, and of course shooting everything that comes our way during then.
  • A handful of first-look photos, typically within 48 hours of the event, for that sweet, sweet social media love.
  • Full album of the day, with unlimited digital downloads suitable for prints, sharing, and hogging up all the space on your phone. Typically delivered within 3-4 weeks.

What this does not include:

  • Limits on the number of photos; if the photo is badass, you get it. No quotas or limits here.
  • Prints: Happy to suggest a few local shops that’ll take prints to the extra mile, or feel free to use your local Walgreens- all downloads are print ready.

But when you say most, what would be outside that?

  • Adding a second shooter or engagement shoot
  • Travel beyond the DMV region
  • Extended Shooting beyond 8 Hours
  • Elopements