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Authentic, Badass, and Mother-of-the-Bride Approved

My favorite part of every wedding is that moment a little more than halfway through the reception- the night is still young, the drinks are flowing, the lights are dim, and everyone’s eyeing the cake that’s about to be cut (so worth the calories). It’s a vibe that’s hard to describe, but I love capturing it.

In the social media age, photos are more than just memories- they’re how we tell stories and connect with one another.

There’s always time to try new things, but don’t worry- we’ll keep it low-key

Badass Photos, Without the Stress

Telling a story is where I come in. My style can be best described as natural- other than gathering family around for photos destined for mom’s bookshelf, I focus on capturing the moments as they happen. No barking at people where to stand, and I promise to capture no less than hundreds of awkward dancing photos.

What that means in practice is we’ll meet up before your wedding to hammer out some of the details- the schedule, the who’s who, and anyone I should be on the lookout for on the dance floor- and the rest is easy going. Typically, clients book me from shortly after they start getting ready, until the final sendoff. Wherever you as the bride and groom go, I’ll be right behind ya.